Make money without risk from the very beginning of your career with IQ Option

if you are a beginner and do not know anything about the financial market, then option com will teach you how to make money. start your journey with a demo account and become a pro!

Forex trading is a great idea for earning money. This platform is used by residents all over the world for extra income. Experienced traders consider this their main job. Why can not all people afford investments? It is difficult for beginners to take their first step into the financial sphere because of fear. They are afraid of losing their investments and believe that understanding trading is difficult. The IQ Option platform is an ideal service for beginners. Working with Forex has never been so easy.

How does the platform work?

An innovative platform optioncom for investment and currency trading has an algorithm thanks to which it analyzes the market itself. You can find all the information in your personal account – it is presented in the form of a convenient and understandable table. In order to calculate the approximate profit of your transaction, you need to enter the project data. By using the initial queries, the machine will calculate earnings with LSMA . The table is organized as follows:

  • Account Numbers
  • Asset type
  • starting price
  • The final price
  • IQ Identification Numbers
  • Working hours with the table (when the data was processed by the system)

The site system is convenient and intuitive even for those users who have never worked on Forex and do not know how these platforms function. Thanks to navigation and tables, you quickly learn how to navigate currencies and denominations.

How to get started with IQOptions?


We have developed this platform specifically for those who do not have experience in trading. Our service is ideal for those who are just starting their work and want to get more experience and reduce risks. The Forex market is a global currency market where traders and investors work. They receive money from the difference in the amount of purchase and sale. It is very convenient to make money, knowing how to analyze the market and predicting currency jumps.

Demo account

In order to understand the principles of operation of financial assets and exchanges, we offer each user to open a demo account - the amount of a demo account appears in your personal account during registration. With it, you can start work without risks - it’s not scary to invest virtual money at all, but you will gain invaluable experience and take your first practical steps towards a successful life and work in an interesting field.

Serious activity

Once you understand that you have gained enough knowledge, switch your account from the academic to the main one. To do this, click on the amount of your balance. In the window that opens, select the necessary option: a demo account, the main account and an account for tournaments (available if you are registered and play tournaments). Mark the selected account as active and start your serious activity.

How to learn to trade?

With the help of a series of training videos, you can learn more about the algorithms of currency jumps, work on exchanges and market analysis. On our site, you will always find all the necessary information. Our experts believe that no webinars and video tutorials can replace real practice. That’s why we created the function of a demo account – try it until you perfectly study the basic tools for work, terms, and currencies. At first, do not invest a lot – even if you earn the first time, not every attempt will end in success. Losing large amounts from the very beginning will completely ward off the desire to try. Do not spare small amounts – they will teach you how to handle money wisely.

Convenience for all iqoptions users

In order for each trader and investor to be able to work in comfortable conditions, we have developed adaptive applications for any gadgets to iqoptions download :


Web client for the program. We have created an application for macOS and Windows. You can work in it without being distracted by social networks and blogs - a convenient system, reliable service that will protect your money and personal data.

IQ Option app

IQ Option app for Android and IOS. Did you not bring a laptop with you or going on a short trip? Take a moment to start investing in turnover. Work directly from your phone, earn on currency fluctuations without leaving your table in a coffee shop or the beach!r

You can trade directly on our website – this is a quick and convenient way to enter the service without applications with iq option login.

Why us?

IQ Option USA has been operating in the market since 2014. During this time, we have increased the profit of our customers by almost 1700% and were able to become leaders among competitors. Now the service has registered more than 42 million users. They make about 1,093,000 transactions per day, making a large profit from them. According to site statistics, the monthly trade turnover has grown tenfold and now reaches $234 million! In general, we pay $25 million per month – and all this is not our merit. We are trusted by beginners, who right before our eyes become investment gurus!

There is a support department for our customers: we answer you via chat and phone. It takes us only 1 day to process applications for withdrawal of funds – you do not need to wait for weeks to afford more. Chat workers are responsible for 18 seconds, e-mail is processed in 15 minutes.

We work all over the world – iq options USA is trusted in Europe, India, Africa, China, Australia, Canada, and South America.

Do you dream to improve your life? Do you live on a salary and cannot afford to postpone it to a new car or vacation? The first step towards the goal is financial literacy and sound investment. IQ Options will teach you to think in a modern way!

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