What are Interactive brokers and how to use this platform for trading

IB broker was one of the first investment platforms and existed offline. Let's find out what it is?

The first mention of was back in 1977. The company was founded in the USA and now its main office is located there. Since then, the platform has evolved and is now used by hundreds of thousands of customers around the world. Now their offices are located all over the world: in Switzerland, Canada, Hong Kong, Great Britain, Australia, Hungary, Russia, India, China and Estonia. The broker is accredited by SEC, FINRA, NYSE, FCA and IIROC.

Accreditation is the procedure of official confirmation of a financial organization using documents and protocols. So that the company can conduct business and gain the trust of customers in the field of professional services.

How is trading on the market?

The exchange is a legal entity providing the functioning of the organized securities market for trading stocks, exchange commodities, derivative financial instruments. The main source of income for the exchange is the commission fee for each transaction made. The stock exchange is an organized market for the sale of securities with interactive brokers commissions, the value of which is determined by supply and demand. Stock exchanges organize the investment of temporarily free funds of individuals and legal entities in securities, which contributes to the movement of investment capital between various economic entities. The largest stock exchanges by market capitalization are the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, Tokyo Stock Exchange, and London Stock Exchange. Trading on the exchange takes place mainly in electronic form. To participate in exchange trading with interactive brokers login, a trader needs to select a brokerage company, open a trading account, download and install a trading terminal, replenish an account and start trading. Before you start trading, it is important to understand the principles of the functioning of the market in which the trader is going to trade. It is also necessary to navigate the economic and political processes that may affect the market, and regularly monitor them online. In addition, the trader should learn the basic methods and tools of fundamental and technical analysis by interactive brokers phone number. 

Ensure financial stability and independence

Our IBKR lite and our clients are protected by powerful mechanisms, sustainable capital, balanced balance and automated risk control. It also allows you to commit any fraud a hundred times faster. Thanks to these features, you can receive payments and transaction reports much faster. The company’s equity exceeds $ 7 billion. The owner of 18.5% IBG LLC is an open joint stock company Interactive Brokers Group, Inc., and the remaining 81.5% is owned by our employees and affiliates. The interactive brokers customer service independently manages its finances, so all the money is safely stored in a special isolated bank account. For more than 30 years of work, the company has never had a situation where customers were forced to forgive the broker for debts.

Beginner Training

University of Trading is an innovative solution for those who are interested in learning to invest and replenish their stock of knowledge and skills by ib login. Thanks to the many resources available to participants, you can quickly learn many tools. The training includes several stages:

Traders Insight

The main resource for training beginners who want to know the opinion of professional traders and learn from personal experience how to work correctly on exchanges.


An extensive webinar program helps in real time ask questions and work on the most problematic terms. Moreover, each webinar is recorded in the format of a lesson, and you can always review it or its specific parts in order to consolidate knowledge and skills.


Interactive courses and tours in interactive brokers group. Use all the tools of theory and practice in order to achieve the desired results even faster.

Trading University provides quick access to many different materials, including all manuals, TWS instructions, short tutorials, FAQs, etc., to help you learn our platforms, tools, and services.

An ideal investor platform for cooperation and earnings

Private traders and investors, financial advisors, investment managers, and third-party service providers can connect and collaborate. You can find and contact numerous service providers at the site, including consultants, hedge funds, research analysts, business development specialists, and interactive brokers account management.Promote your services to private and institutional users around the world. The investor platform is accessible to everyone and offersfree advertising and search. Interactive brokers contact allows you to unite stakeholders on one platform. The numbers speak for success:

  • Over 600 investment services.
  • Over 320 analytical services.
  • Over 450 technology services.
  • Over 200 administrative services with interactive brokers contact.
  • Over 40 services for business development.

Leading technology

A set of modern IBKR technologies helps optimize the speed and efficiency of your trading, carry out a comprehensive portfolio analysis and manage your account. IB SmartRoutingSM seeks the best prices and seeks to immediately execute your order electronically.

Support for the best execution price. Many brokers trade illegally. For example, they can trade against your orders or transfer personal data to other brokers and companies for money. Smart routing IBSM is constantly looking for and redirecting orders for stocks, options and combinations for sale at the best affordable price.

The interactive brokers margin rates supports more than 60 orders. This allows you to trade using a huge range of different strategies. With experience, you can more skillfully handle your assets, and the platform will help you achieve your goals.

Sound risk management. A convenient system of real-time financial control allows users, traders and investors to really assess the possible risks of various assets. Thanks to the most relevant data and interactive brokers contact, you will be able to respond in time to a change in price.

A variety of trading platforms. Based on the wishes of active users, the creators of the site have added several professional platforms, such as Trader Station. The program was developed by market makers to make financial instruments even more useful, faster and more efficient.

WebTrader functions allow you to automate processes using the HTML base. The Client Portal is a simplified interface with access to all the resources necessary to track, control and carry out the operations of your Interactive brokers fees account through one account. Convenient smartphone applications will help you stay in line anywhere in your city and world – while you wait for an order or sit at a meeting without interactive brokers fees.

Active reporting. All statements and reports are monitored and verified by the service in real time. Users can combine different reports into one document to control their financial manipulations. And with the help of a unique function, you can provide access rights to audit funds to any employee of your company ib trading or organization.

Mobile app

Modern technologies allow the world to use their skills to work remotely. You just need a laptop in order to earn money. But what if we tell you that using interactive you can make money even easier. In order to start playing from anywhere in the world, use the unique application for your smartphone. Now each user can engage in trading without letting go of their favorite gadget. IB trading will become even easier using an application that you can download to your android or iOS.

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