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What is the IG group and how traders start to work here

How ig trading will help you get rich and how to start your way in the world of financial markets

The modern choice of trading platforms amazes with its large selection. How to choose the perfect option for making money? If you are just deciding to take a new step in your work, we recommend that you study the financial market, as well as its basic terms and rules.

CFD – a contract for difference. This contract will help to make a profit, which is the difference in prices between buying a currency and selling it. It is used almost everywhere due to the lack of commission and clear algorithms.

Unique trading platform

Every day, users are faced with the choice of a platform for trading. The uniqueness of IG US lies in the fact that the company provides a unique product of its kind. Here you can trade on more than 16,000 different trading floors and can choose the perfect solution for yourself. Individuality is the hallmark of this service. Many traders trust the  www.ig.com.br with their income. Thanks to this, they won the title of the best forex platform in the world. The company is fully focused on the success of its customers.

Especially for users, IG index has signed an international code of financial ethics from Forex, on the basis of which they work. The goal of the team is completely built on providing support to customers so that they trade profitably. You can find company offices in more than 14 countries, including Asia and Africa.

About platform

The client terminal is the same MetaTrader, with their help clients can receive information on the state of financial markets in real-time. You will also be able to conduct your own analysis, make trading operations and receive messages from a broker company with IG login. They suggest installing the terminal at the very beginning of work.

Quotation – information about the current rate of the instrument, expressed in Ask (high price for purchase) and Bid (lower price for a sale).

Margin – the necessary cash collateral to open and maintain trading positions. For currency pairs, the margin will be proportional to the leverage less than the actual volume of the trading position (for example, 1% with a leverage of 1: 100). For contracts for difference, the margin size does not depend on leverage and is determined in absolute (monetary) or percentage terms of the real volume of the trading position (for example, 10% for CFDs on precious metals). The margin size for each instrument is indicated in the contract specification on the IG markets France website.

If you are already familiar with these terms and have tried your hand at investing and trading, you should start trading in the market. Many users are afraid to take the first step to the dream business because of fear of loss and risks. What are the most common excuses that need to be eradicated:

  • Fear of losing money.
  • Distrustful relations with a broker company.
  • There is no free money.
  • Little knowledge of financial markets.
  • Low financial literacy.

If you recognize yourself in these signs, rather register on a unique platform for trading – I. G. Now you will find out what it is.

The IG sentiment company began its activities in 1974. At first, it was the company the first betting company in the world, expanding its activities to include trading in the market, forex, bonds, options, commodities, indices, and ETP. You will start trading in more than 16,000 financial markets of the world, to which the company will provide you access. For several decades, the company has sponsored sports teams, now its activities are completely related to financial instruments.

With the help of IG news feed, traders have ample opportunities for financial growth – you can see many positive reviews. Thanks to real-time market analysis, you can trade your favorite assets, options, and cryptocurrencies at any time of the day. The advantage of the service is that you can adapt your transactions and investments in accordance with your specific desires and needs, based entirely on your broker.

Your money is always protected.

When you place your investment in a personal account with IG wall, you can not worry about losses, because the company reliably stores all the money in isolated accounts in regulated banks. This money remains the money of users, they will not be used for personal business purposes. The entire amount is protected from creditors, so you can always withdraw the amount from the account without commission and long wait.

IG forex broker has been repeatedly recognized as a leader in the financial market and has received several awards:

  • Best Finance App 2017 ADVFN Award. The company has its own application for smartphones on Android and IOS, with which you can manage your finances, transactions and investments directly from the phone screen. For him, the developers received a trophy.
  • Best Multi Platform provider. Another award from ADVFN for a service that can be used from any browser and device. The company's developers increase the convenience for all customers and take care of the comfort of work in IG account.
  • Best Trading Platform 2017. This year, companies noted a large increase in users on their sites. The leader in customer growth was IG trading. This service has gained trust for its convenience, profitable deals and a huge selection of trading platforms, for which traders loved it. Most of them still work on the service.
  • Best CFD Provider. We have already told you about the importance of this contract. It is thanks to him that you can make profitable and safe transactions. IG CFD became the best service in 2017, so many experienced traders recommend it to beginners and consider it the most competent and reliable platform.

Thanks to convenient and understandable IG tools, you can quickly earn first capital and learn how to trade in the market without much difficulty.

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