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FCXM trading station is known as a trusted and good service for everyone who wants to upgrade their incomes and lifestyle. Try it and make sure it works!

Online earnings has become very popular over the past 10 years. Despite the fact that the financial market and trading on it have always been popular, such skills were considered prestigious and very honorable. Nowadays, anyone can invest. How to do it right?

How to learn to work with the platform

In order to start trading on FXCM login, you can practice on a demo account. This is a great opportunity to understand how much to invest. This experience will also help you learn how to properly distribute your finances. You can apply and test various strategies without any risk, receive real quotes and receive customer support like players with a real account in your account.

In order to start your journey, register on the site and fill in all the information in the free fields. It takes only a few minutes. After that, you will need to confirm your identity. Each service is obliged to request scans of documents so that the trade takes place without unnecessary risks and anonymous scammers. Moreover, these precautions once again confirm the guarantee of quality service.

Thanks to a convenient mobile application, you can work anywhere in the world – earn money by waiting for an order in a cafe or in a taxi. Android and IOS apps available. You can get your money on the card of any bank without commissions and restrictions.

Investing with FXCM com

Investing is your contribution to the future. You give away your earned money in order to profit from them in the future. This can free you from office hard work, work schedules and routine duties.

The first thing that every investor should be able to do is managing their capital. Invest only free money, do not pay intermediaries. To succeed in business, start with yourself and your investment knowledge. You can earn money and assets in several ways:

  • Put money in a bank deposit.
  • Buy stocks of global companies.
  • Learn to make money on the decline and rise of the value of cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy cryptocurrency.
  • To rent real estate, cars.

It’s hard to deal with a large stream of new information, right? Given how fast the world is changing and how difficult it is to start earning large amounts, classic investment options may just not suit you. Is there a way out of this situation? Of course. Thanks to the FXCM US platform, you can start investing today.

The platform is one of the largest and most powerful players in the Forex market since 1999. Over 100,000 trading accounts operate on nasdaq FXCM platforms. The authorized capital of the company is more than $ 95 million. The company’s activities are regulated by the laws of the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Hong Kong. 

FXCM LTD segregated accounts controlled by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Advantages of trading with FXCM app:

  • Execution of orders on quotes of leading world banks
  • The more liquidity providers, the narrower the spreads.
  • More than 100,000 live accounts trade using FXCM platforms

For clients:

  • Spreads from the 1st point
  • Trading mode no dealing desk
  • The ability to make transactions at prices provided by fxcm news by leading world banks
  • Positive rollover on any margin
  • Orders inside the spread
  • You do not need to refund the negative balance
  • Hedging of positions

What does this mean:

  • Favorable prices from leading world banks.
  • Trading at the time of the announcement of financial news without restrictions on placing orders
  • The opportunity to benefit even from a small price movement, without restrictions on placing orders
  • The opportunity to benefit from a positive rollover rate, regardless of margin level.
  • Benefits of working with FXCM login
  • Trade deals at prices of leading world banks

The No Dealing Desk trading mode allows you to trade on quotes of leading world banks directly through the FX Trading Station. Competing with each other, banks seek to provide FXCM with more profitable quotes, as a result of which, during periods of high market volatility, the spread size can reach a minimum value (1 point).

 Unlimited trading. Now you can make trade transactions at any time convenient for you, regardless of market fluctuations. The absence of restrictions on the creation of orders will allow you to place pending orders at any price, even inside the spread.

 24/7 support. You can place your order at any time during the market by contacting the customer support department by phone. Our employees are ready to answer any of your questions around the clock, 7 days a week. Service is carried out by highly qualified specialists of all regional offices of the company.

 Reliability and stability. Since the Forex market is an over-the-counter market that does not have a central venue for trading, not all companies and financial organizations have access to prices and high level of transaction execution provided by leading world banks. Banks strive to provide more favorable prices and high-quality execution of transactions to financially stable companies with the largest volumes of trade. Our company is one of the largest and most powerful players in the Forex market since 1999. The average volume of transactions conducted by our company is $ 200,000,000,000 monthly. For a long time working in the Forex market, our company was able to establish strong relations with leading international banks and achieve significant market advantages.

FXCM in numbers

You can see all the company’s progress:

  • Customer support works 5 days a week 24/7.
  • Monthly trading volumes increase every month. Thanks to a reliable broker, turnover exceeds $ 210 billion.
  • In 2003, the foreign expansion of the company began, they founded an office in the UK.
  • The company's capital is estimated at 800 million dollars, the number of customers at 200 thousand.
  • The company has branches on four continents, the service operates worldwide, in the countries of Asia and Africa.

Start trading with FXCM and become a client of the legendary company!

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