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CMC Markets is deservedly called one of the most experienced forex brokers, which has been active in the market since 1989. Having such an impressive period of work, today the platform is ready to offer the participants of the system a variety of opportunities for profitable trading, an innovative service, an author’s terminal, fast transactions, and other advantages. The broker, despite the great and successful experience of working with market players, continues to develop and does everything possible to increase the number of platform clients.

The company is trying to provide comfortable conditions for carrying out trading activities. That is why the MetaTrader4 platform was chosen, which is one of the most popular platforms among traders around the world. Among the main features of the platform are:

  • Numerous instruments, indicators, and signals for successful trading;
  • Availability of charts and analytical tools to know what is CFD trading;
  • Listing on the London stock exchange;
  • The presence of both a browser and a mobile version of the platform.

What is CFD trading

For active traders who want to receive additional income, the company offers to participate in an affiliate program. Thus, the client can attract new users to the project and receive a reward for this. There are no specific remuneration figures on, so you must first fill out the form and find out about the conditions of the program directly. Also, as part of the partnership program, a bonus of $250 is accrued to customers if the trader invites a referral. The amount is calculated by both users subject to all conditions:

  1. You must top up your account with at least $1,000;
  2. Place transactions on the account and meet the minimum threshold;
  3. 50 transactions with stock CFDs trading(including US stocks) / 3,500,000 US dollars in the minimum aggregate turnover for all currencies / minimum aggregate turnover in the 1,000,000 US dollars for all goods / 2,000,000 US dollars in the minimum aggregate turnover for all indices within three months from the moment of opening the account;
  4. The aggregate thresholds of each asset category cannot be combined to qualify for a bonus;
  5. A new customer must meet 100% of the minimum total turnover in at least one asset category in order to receive a bonus.

About platform

The platform will be especially useful for beginners in the field of trading, as users are given the opportunity to receive a modern education in the field of trading. The training center is designed for 50,000 participants. The curators are real professionals in the field of trade. The educational center is divided into several categories of programs:

  • Spread betting training;
  • Instructions for trading CFDs;
  • Strategies;
  • Technical analysis of the market;
  • Fundamental market analysis;

CMC login Markets knowledge base, as well as access to modern lectures and webinars.

There is also a separation by the level of training. All students are divided into groups and their own curators, who will help to master the materials and share their own experiences. Thus, users gain access to the training base with useful videos and webinars.

Platform Benefits

CMC crypto is one of the oldest and most popular trading services. Users fully trust the broker and use it for many other reasons:

Convenient mobile application. For most traders, it is crucial to have constant access to trading. That is why a mobile application was developed that allows you to access the platform anytime, anywhere. This option is great for those customers who cannot constantly log in to their account from a desktop computer or laptop. There are some options for Android and IOS apps so you can use it at any devise. Mobile is the most comfortable online platform for CFDs trading Canada. 

Bonus program. Invest more and get big bonuses for work. The CMC team has been developing a unique system for its customers for years. Now you can invite your friend to trade with you. For this, the platform will transfer you a gift of $250 for investment.

For beginners in the field of trading who have insufficient practical knowledge, a demo account has been created. Thus, the client gets full access to the project functionality. The only difference is that the user uses virtual means, which means that he does not risk anything. So, the client gets the opportunity to test the platform’s functionality, develop practical trading skills and work out strategies. You will get to know what is CFD and how to work with it. 

CMC bitcoin Markets is one of the leading forex and CFD brokers with impressive experience, prestigious awards, a large base of regular customers. For almost thirty years, the company has been successfully operating in the market, making profitable online trading possible.

Lack of initial deposit, slippage, availability of a convenient terminal, narrow spreads, fast execution of orders, platform support for various strategies, etc. – those advantages that distinguish the organization among similar companies.

Since brokers’ clients are traders from many world countries, the company’s technical support is multilingual, functional and of high quality. Traders can seek help from employees at any time of the day five days a week. Communication by phone, email or chat. CMC Markets educates customers through free webinars and e-learning materials. Among the advantages of the company are automatic trading, investment programs. You don’t need special learning. You need yo know what are CFDs and how they work. 

CMC Markets takes the service it provides to its customers seriously. The platform of its own development is distinguished by functionality, it is comfortable to work here and conduct a full analysis of assets, the interface will be clear to both the platform’s novice and professional market player. The company has successful development – this confirms that the broker is not a fraud and a one-day company, it proves his interest in providing the best solutions for Forex trading. Note that at moment the platform has one of the strong terminals available for trading, which is not in vain that has many rewards.

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